Woman killed during Dianella pursuit

UPDATE: 7.30pm Police say officers pursuing a stolen car in Dianella went through a red light before hitting a car and fatally injuring a 50-year-old woman.

The West Australian


“Figures show 70 percent of vehicles stolen are stolen with keys and 35 percent of stolen vehicles are taken during home burglaries,”
Assistant Commissioner Murray Smalpage
WA Police Media Release
February 17th 2014





Three women dead after Sydney police chase

Police began pursuing a car in Marayong about 1.10am on Saturday when it failed to stop for random breath testing as it travelled along Railway Road.

The car hit a power pole just seconds after the chase started.

...There IS something effective that can be done !

This can be done by the introduction of a new Australian Technology developed right here in Western Australia only a few months ago.

The SMART BATTERY is a direct replacement for a conventional motor vehicle battery and a GAME CHANGER with regards to Motor Vehicle Theft and Road Safety.

Why ?  ...well, because inside a SMART BATTERY it has a trained BRAIN, multiple SENSES and is ready for ACTION against unauthorised or improper use of a motor vehicle ...even if thieves have stolen your car keys. The Smart Battery can even outsmart violent hi-jackers and can also help keep you and your family safe from the dangers of fire in the event of an accident. The projected fully inclusive fitted 'retro cost' of the technology is expected to be only a few dollars per car.

The following scenarios have been reconstructed from typical car theft occurrences to help inform you about the 'current state of play' and the ineffectiveness of existing motor vehicle technologies in today's World.

Ask Yourself :


" Does my Immobiliser/Alarm really protect my car today ? "




Scenario 1

You and your family are at a local Shopping Centre on a Saturday morning doing your weekly shop. Having just finished the shopping you all head to the Shopping Centre Food Hall for a bit of tucker and a drink. While searching for some loose change, you realise that your car keys are missing. Your car keys have been stolen, the most common strategy of today’s car thieves, and they will have used the attached remote control to locate, disarm & unlock your car.

Down in the Shopping Centre Car Park the car thieves have used the remote control to find and unlock your car and now put the key in the ignition to start the engine. Incredibly, the car won’t start. The radio works, the lights work, everything else works, but the engine will not start. This is because the fitted SMART BATTERY is waiting for POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION from your mobile phone or keypad before it will provide STARTING POWER. The thieves leave empty-handed.

You rush down to the Car Park where you have left your car. Thankfully, your car is still where you left it. The doors are unlocked, some CD's and small change is missing but your keys have been left in the ignition. Thank your lucky stars that your Smart Battery has prevented car thieves from ruining the weekend for you and for your family. You now identify yourself to your vehicle using your mobile phone and your car starts normally.


Scenario 2


You have arrived at your girlfriend’s house one evening to take her out for dinner. You park the car and switch off the engine but in your excited state you absent-mindedly leave your car keys in the ignition. 


A couple of opportunist car thieves spot their opportunity and jump into the car. They turn on the ignition, the radio comes on, the air conditioning fan comes on, the lights automatically come on but try as they may, the engine will NOT start.

The thieves confer :

“ The battery must be flat. Let’s go Bro ! ”

The thieves leave empty-handed.


In matter of fact, the SMART BATTERY automatically armed itself, limiting battery output power 10 seconds after the car was parked AND engine turned off.

Starting power is not available without  POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION from your mobile phone or keypad.






Scenario 3

You have left your car engine running to heat-up the car while you go inside the house to collect your frail grandma to take her for a hospital appointment. While doing so, an opportunist jumps into your car and he’s off.

You return to find your car gone and you see it speeding down the road. You call the Police on your mobile and provide them with the details including car make, model and colour, time and place of incident AND the car registration number.

The closest Police vehicles are now on the lookout. The patrol officers make a call to Smart Battery Headquarters and give them the vehicle's registration number. Using the car registration, Smart Battery HQ looks up the vehicle’s corresponding eight digit Smart Battery serial number(SBSN).

They provide the patrol officers with your vehicle's corresponding Police Retrieval Code(PRC) for the Police vehicle’s onboard ‘Smart Battery Anti-Hijack Transmitter’. The Police Officers punch in the encrypted code in preparation.

A few minutes later, the stolen vehicle is spotted driving dangerously along the highway. The thieves refuse to stop. The officers hit the transmit button. The stolen vehicle’s lights begin flashing and the selected car immediately begins to slow down. The stolen vehicle safely slows down and stops with lights still flashing.

The thieves are easily apprehended without a high speed chase and without serious incident. Nobody is hurt, no vehicle or property damage has occurred and a repeat offender is in custody, gob-smacked. Oh yes, and Grandma now makes it to her hospital appointment.



Scenario 4
A persistent would be car thief calls for some help and asks a collaborator to bring a replacement battery to help steal a car. They open the car hood and find the car’s SMART BATTERY locked in place and unable to be removed.

Using jump leads they attempt to 'jump start' the vehicle. The engine starts. They remove the jump leads, close the hood and prepare to steal the car. The engine stops again 5 seconds after the jump leads are removed. The thieves try again. The same thing happens. The thieves leave empty-handed.
The Smart Battery is designed not only to protect your car but is also designed to protect itself from thieves who believe they can outsmart the Smart Battery. Tell them they're dreamin'...
Scenario 5
You are heading home from work late at night. The road is wet and traffic is light. Your speed is reasonable for the road conditions. Just as you approach a right hand bend you have a sudden blow-out on the front passenger side. Your vehicle leaves the road doing multiple roll-overs. Your car finally comes to a standstill in an upside down position with the engine still running. You are trapped but alive .....then you smell fuel leaking from the upturned petrol tank...


.....your prayers are answered :



On impact, your SMART BATTERY automatically switches off your engine then grounds & neutralises ALL vehicle systems thereby removing all ignition sources and preventing horrific fire so preserving your life and the lives of your rescuers.

" Isn't it time you got yourself a Smart Battery ? "


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