he Smart Battery Philosophy

What is the intended impact of Smart Battery Technology?

In a word .....' TRANSFORMATION '

Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang-m09Magical things begin to happen when you replace your ordinary car battery with a SMART BATTERY. Your car now takes on a life of it's own because it now has a BRAIN to think and process information, COMMUNICATIONS to follow authorised requests and provide status updates, FEELINGS to monitor it's environment and ATTITUDE to respond to threatening situations.

A SMART BATTERY changes the 'game plan' by installing road safety algorithms into your car and into the palm of your hand without the need for an expensive product or a costly, time consuming wiring installation.  By employing the simple use of your mobile phone 'Smart App' your car and you are one
                                                    and safely & securely in your pocket.

Just like Ian Fleming's other magical car : 007 James Bond's Aston-Martin DB5 only without the machine guns, ejector seat, tyre slashers, smoke screen, oil slick sprayer and the bullet-proof shield...
...but even safer


with Mobile Phone App


           ...more than just security

           ...safety for you and your passengers

           ...safety for other road users

           ...and a new 'lease of life' for your vehicle
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