Smart Battery Vehicle Road Safety System

The Smart Battery is a Motor Vehicle Road Safety System unlike ANY other on the planet. It is NOT simply some gimmicky pretentious 'Mobile Phone App' , but is a fully fledged interactive system in the real world providing you with exclusive access to your vehicle, continued safe driving and meaningful interaction with your car.

At it's heart is an innovative hybrid component which is manufactured INSIDE a conventional motor vehicle battery prior to purchase. Using 'State of the Art' microcomputer algorithms, accelerometer movement sensing, power sensor control and digital communications technologies, a myriad of useful interactions with your car now becomes instantly available to you and only you :

* Even if your key and remote control are stolen...
                                                              ...your car is not. 
...because Smart Battery Technology puts you in charge by transferring control of ALL VEHICLE SYSTEMS into your mobile phone. Simply identify yourself using your Smart Battery Mobile Phone App to your newly empowered vehicle.

* Onboard Road Safety Algorithms keep you in check throughout your journey and report into your Smart App at your journey's end.

....keeping you alert and safe while driving by continually monitoring your personal driving skills and an earpiercing alarm can warn you immediately should you be slipping due to fatigue, prescription drugs or alcohol impairment.

* If your car is hi-jacked by violent thieves, your Smart Battery can be instructed to safely slow down and stop your hi-jacked car within a 200m line of sight of a Police patrol car. no more dangerous high speed chases placing police personnel and other road users lives at risk AND dangerous perpetrators are now easily arrested and taken off the road.

* In the event of a car crash your Smart Battery will  neutralise your engine and vehicle systems on crash impact. preventing unthinkable 'death by fire' for you, your family and your rescuers.


* Smart Battery is continually evolving by learning  NEW TRICKS...

...faulty lights, brakes and steering components can be monitored and reported  to your mobile phone and so informing you before your journey and before serious and expensive problems arise.




.....just like old movies but now REAL
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