The Smart Battery
with Mobile Phone App

as the ultimate Motor Vehicle Road Safety System for the 21st Century.

By simply exchanging your old car battery with a Smart Battery and using the 'Phone App' provided for your mobile phone you can instantly enjoy an exclusive partnership with your car like never before.


Joyriders, hooning, poor drivers and police pursuits have all become ubiquitous on our roads making our journey all the more hazardous.

Have you ever wondered how your own driving abilities stack up against the experts?

Do discourteous and impatient drivers make your journey all the more stressful?

That is all about to change as

The Smart Battery
with Mobile Phone App

addresses the stresses by removing the joyriders, stopping the hooning, making us all safer drivers and arresting police pursuits before they start..

Your motor car is transformed with BRAINS, COMMUNICATIONS, FEELINGS and ATTITUDE  to ensure yourself, your vehicle and other road users are kept secure, safe and informed during your journey.

The romantic 'Age of the Motor Car' is now 'back to the future' for your driving pleasure.


So sit back and enjoy the ride !

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